Scene 1 - Palm Sunday in Jerusalem - “Hosanna” (Company)


Scene 2 - The Last Supper in the Upper Room - “Follow” (Jesus and Apostles),

“Do You Believe” (Jesus), “Three Years” (Judas)


Scene 3 - Jesus Prays in the Garden of Olives - “Not Crucified” (Jesus)


Scene 4 - Jesus is Betrayed by Judas


Scene 5 - Jesus is Condemned to Death by the Sanhedrin - “A Lunatic, a Liar” (Caiphas, the High Priest, and Priests)


Scene 6 - Jesus is Denied by Peter - “Not Him” (Peter and Mary Cleophus)


Scene 7 - Pontius Pilate’s Struggle - “Damned If I Do!” (Pontius Pilate)


Scene 8 - Jesus is Flogged and Crowned with Thorns - “No Hope For Me” (Mary Magdalene, Blessed Mother, and Mary Cleophus)


Scene 9 - Jesus is Sentenced to Death by Pilate - “Pilate’s Lament” (Pontius Pilate)


Scene 10 - Jesus is Crucified - “In the Distance/Our Father (Peter, Judas, Thomas, and Women)


Scene 11 - Jesus Prays on the Cross to His Father - Reprise: “Follow” (Jesus)


Scene 12 - The Crucifixion Scene - “Where Are Your Miracles Now?” (Caiphas, The High Priest, and Priests),  “From the Cross” (Singing Soldier), “My Son” (Blessed Mother)


Scene 13 - Jesus Dies on the Cross - Reprise: “Follow, It Is Finished” (Jesus and Blessed Mother)


Scene 14 - Jesus’ Body is Placed in the Tomb - “Jesus Remember Me” (Mary Magdalene, Mary Cleophus, and Blessed Mother)



Scene 15 - Mary Magdalene Shares the Good News with the Apostles - “He’s Alive” (Mary Magdalene and Company)


Scene 16 - The Risen Lord Appears to Thomas - “I Need to See” (Thomas, Peter, and James)


Scene 17 - The Risen Lord Forgives Peter and Entrusts Him to Feed His Sheep - “One Heart, Mind, One Faith” (Jesus and Peter)


Scene 18 - The Risen Lord Ascends into Heaven - “In My Name” (Jesus and Apostles)


Scene 19 - Jesus’ Mother Prays to Her Son - “One More Moment” (Blessed Mother)


Scene 20 - Finale – The Risen Lord Sends the Holy Spirit, The First Pentecost - “Light of the World” (Company); “Come Holy Spirit” (Company); “In Your Name/He’s Alive” (Company)


Scene 19 - Final Prayer - “By the Wood of the Cross” (Company)



Cross & Light: Created by Kelly Nieto

Authorship Copyright: Kelly Nieto

Book by Kelly Nieto

Lyrics by Kelly Nieto & Antoinette Olesen

Music by Kelly Nieto, Nick Dalbis, Antoinette Olesen, John Hinchey

Arrangements by Kelly Nieto, Nick Dalbis, John Hinchey, David Kole, and Brian LeDuc

St. John Bosco

215 E County Line Road

Hatboro, PA 19040


215 E County Line Road, Hatboro, PA 19040